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Kensi and Deeks are faced with many complications on the daily, but when Kensi returns from Afghanistan, post-torture, they are faced with the impossible. Completed lookafteryo Find the hottest deeks stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about deeks on Wattpad 20 minutes later Deeks had arrived at Kensi's apartment. He was nervous, he didn't know what Kensi was wanted to talk about but it sounded serious. He took a breath and knocked on the door. Hey Deeks Kensi said as she opened the door to let him in Hey Kens, what's going on. You sounded pretty serious on the phone. He said as he stepped.

martydeeks kensiblye ncisla densi ncislosangeles samhanna gcallen ncis deeks kensi ericbeale nelljones hettylange callen owengranger neric kensianddeeks deeksandkensi fanfiction losangeles 92 Stories Sort by: Ho Kensi und Deeks Heiraten, er hat ihr gerade einen Antrag gemacht! Callen: ah ok, herzlichen Glückwunsch auch von mir! Kensi: danke auch dir Callen. Deeks: KENSI, das sollte doch noch geheim bleiben! Kensi: geht schlecht wenn ich mit einem Ring am Finger durch die Gegend laufe und außerdem, daran wirst du dich gewöhnen müssen Deeks! Deeks: Schon verstanden Kens Deeks wollte bevor er und Kensi Heiraten würden noch einige Sachen erledigen. Hätte er das jemandem erzählt, hätte derjenige vermutlich gedacht, dass er noch ein wenig die Sau rauslassen wolle bevor er dann in festen Händen war. Aber das war falsch, Deeks hatte echte Sachen zu erledigen. Er musste noch verschiedene Sachen die von Beziehungen bis zu Undercover- Aufträgen reichten.

Read Ich liebe dich from the story Kensi&Deeks by Limping1503 (Lisa) with 203 reads. liebe, neric, kensi. Deeks und Kensi waren jetzt seid 2Wochen zusammen,e.. And both Kensi and Deeks learn a thing or two about enjoying the good things in life, including a night sky and each other. Post-Free Ride one-shot, Densi. NCIS: Los Angeles - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,781 - Reviews: 44 - Favs: 113 - Follows: 25 - Published: 1/5/2013 - M. Deeks, Kensi B. - Complete. Just to Hear Your Voice by crazy.PLEASE reviews. She's. Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks; Kensi Blye/Talia Del Campo; Kensi Blye/Nell Jones; Nell Jones/Fatima Namazi; Eric Beale/Nell Jones; Talia Del Campo/Nell Jones; Kensi Blye; Marty Deeks; Nell Jones ; Fatima; Eric Beale; Romance; Eventual Romance; Character Death; Summary. NCIS:LA prompt challenges. Feel free to use one if you want. Language: English Words: 219 Chapters: 5/? Kudos: 3 Hits: 103; Don't. Gotta Luv Deeks. Follow. Focus: TV Shows NCIS: Los Angeles, Since: 11-25-11. Founder: Shawny's Girl - Stories: 224 - Followers: 25 - Staff: 1 - id: 96669 For all of the people out there that have a possible obsession with the LAPD/NCIS Liaison Marty Deeks... You have come to the right place... Mostly Whump. PM me with any questions and/or requests of any sort. :) The Heart of Christmas by. Follow/Fav Carnal Needs. By: oranfly. Just something I had to get out of my system. Well if you wanted a fix, you should've just said something, princess, Deeks drawled and gave her a wink and grin. Rated: Fiction M - English - Humor/Romance - Kensi B., M. Deeks - Chapters: 5 - Words: 13,700 - Reviews: 144 - Favs: 130 - Follows: 211 - Updated: 9/17/2013 - Published: 2/14/2013 - id: 9010675.

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  1. A video about Callen and Joelle in Humbug. I don't own the rights to the video or the music. song: Simon Keizer & Sandra v. Nieuwland - Christmas in our hearts
  2. This was the scene that I based my question to Eric Christian Olsen on. I thought is was hilarious. Kudos to them for pulling this off
  3. NCIS: Los Angeles 7x14 Densi Scenes - Moving in Together and Densi Kiss - Duration: 6:44. Dani Ruah 255,231 view
  4. Best Densi/Kensi+Deeks Moments - NCIS Los Angeles - Duration: 13:45. AchilleasMirm 1,058,364 views. 13:45. 175 videos Play all Season 7 Densi Lover;.
  5. Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen Read Chapter Secrets from the story Accidentally In Love (NCIS: LA Densi Fanfiction) by loveandchocolate (Kate) with reads. NCIS LA Keep calm and do what Hetty would do! Deeks and Kensi definitely need some time for meditation with all the explosions, shootings, and stolen nukes they have to deal with

Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks (410) G Callen/Nell Jones (47) G Callen/Marty Deeks (37) G Callen/Sam Hanna (36) Eric Beale/Nell Jones (33) Steve McGarrett/Danny Danno Williams (18) Kensi Blye & Marty Deeks (16) G Callen & Sam Hanna (13) G Callen & Marty Deeks (12) Michelle Hanna/Sam Hanna (10) Exclude Additional Tags Romance (125) Hurt/Comfort (101) Angst (94) Friendship (69) Family (57) Humor (52. April 18, 2020 in Kensi's Journal // Poor Deeks! Kensi's Journal 4/12/2020 Home » Fan Fiction. Fan Fiction NCISLA FanFic: These Arms That Long To Hold You. October 20, 2018 // 11 Comments. These Arms That Long to Hold You As the ambulance drove away, Deeks continued to breathe heavily. He was still experiencing the adrenaline rush of finding the lifeless forms . NCISLA FanFic: All For You. Kensi's journal isn't the only written material with adult content. Fan fiction writers have contributed plenty of their own versions of Deeks and Kensi together together. We talked to them about their experiences writing the Densi sexytimes. (All excerpts are T rated.) Her back arches, responding to his fingertips as they work their way alon ncis los angeles x reader < > Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. Remember . Requested by @we-make-these-memories-for- hey there :) can I get a Callen x reader with the prompts 7,9,10,12 & 18? Thanks in advance! Prompts - 7 - 'But why? Why would you love me?' 9 - 'You'll be

Eric Beal G. Callen Kensi Blye Marty Deeks Nell Jones Sam Hanna. Eine Undercovermission geht schief und plötzlich steht die Sicherheit des gesamten Teams auf dem Spiel. Was wirklich wichtig ist. von soylunafan. Oneshot Angst, Horror / P12 05.04.2020 05.04.2020 1. 1914 1. Eric Beal Nell Jones. Eric wird undercover nach Afrika geschickt. Doch dort kommt er nie an. Stattdessen lernt er was. Kensi gives me a roll of her eyes and then sighs and says, I'm not going anywhere without you Deeks. And you know what, I am all ears Deeks. And you know what, I am all ears Deeks. I sigh and realize that I am wasting our time and if Kensi wants to know something, she will have it her way and there is no way that she is letting this go Disclaimer: i do not own any of the characters like: Kensi, Deeks, Eric, Nell, etc. I do own Natalie and the plot.___ We drove to Ops to give Eric the laptop, and to see how Kensi and Deeks were doing. Sam informed me that Hetty has a job for us so we won't have a chance to see the pair yet. Sam pulled up and we run through the doors leading into the NCIS headquarters Kensi was at ease with her and Deeks knew they hung out all the time outside of work after overhearing multiple conversations about it. He had seen her with Sam, Mr. Navy Seal who most people would think she would not get along with. They both knew a thing or two about bombs, worked out together and joked around. Sometimes it seemed like Sam was acting like a big brother towards her. Deeks had. Mar 14, 2016 - Densi moment NCIS:LA 6x01 Deep Trouble part

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  1. Deeks is gone, Kensi informs the team, while she puts a letter on the desk. Hetty sighs and closes her eyes. She knew that Marty planned something, but she didn't want to do something. It's his life. Deeks can't and won't live without you. We do nothing, right?, Callen guess right. Hetty turns around and nods. He won't be found. I don't.
  2. Ncis la staffel 5 kensi und deeks. Vergleiche Preise für Csi Los Angeles und finde den besten Preis. Csi Los Angeles zum kleinen Preis hier bestellen Navy CIS: L.A. wird während der sechsten Staffel der Serie Navy CIS erstmals ausgestrahlt.In der Pilot-Doppelfolge Legende tritt auch noch die Figur Special Agent Lara Macy, gespielt von Louise Lombard, auf
  3. Till Death Do Us Part -- Pictured: Daniela Ruah (Special Agent Kensi Blye) and Eric Christian Olsen (LAPD Liaison Marty Deeks). After months of planning, the NCIS family celebrates the wedding of Kensi and Deeks. Also, an old acquaintance, Anatoli Kirkin (Ravil Isyanov), pays Deeks a surprise visit on his wedding day and he isn't alone, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Sunday, March 17 (9:00-10:00 PM.
  4. Feb 3, 2013 - Explore Pumacheetah13's board NCIS LA on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ncis los angeles, Ncis and Ncis new
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  6. Mar 19, 2014 - A the end of Merry Evasion, Deeks made a joke about a discotheque in Hindu Kush which would indicate that he knows where Kensi is, despite the fact that it is a classified mission. S

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N C I S L A - Likemig - Wattpad image. Nd marty secret have . Complications angeles 1, ncis: a los. DensiLand - Analysis of all things Deeks & Kensi image. Just. Survivor - ncis an sandringham. Dark-Supernatural-Angel's Journal — LiveJournal image . I read write and mainly am ncis: stuff la love i the la ialso. Writeallnight | FanFiction image. I read the occasional fanfiction. NcisXander. May 19, 2020 - NCIS: Los Angeles, Season 1-10, Marty Deeks and Kensi Blye. I recently started watching this series, fell in love with their witty banter and genuine love for each other even amidst the storms. You were right, turns out it's a love story.. See more ideas about Kensi blye, Ncis and Ncis los angeles Je vous souhaite bienvenue sur mon blog Deeks-Kensi-Love ou il aura des fictions, des ships, montages, articles secret sur mes montages), Je fais des pubs aussi pour votre blog, votre page facebook et wattpad pour vous faire connaitre bien sûr ^^ Je viens ici pour faire de nouveau amis, je prend pas de mecs qui viens draguer, ou me souler avec leurs technique de drague à la con x_x Il y.

and gunpowder. The newest episode made me so happy and then sad once I seen the end I almost cryedsunshine and gunpowder. The newest episode made me so happy and then sad once I Mar 23, 2020 - Explore raelynn62's board NCIS-LA, followed by 120 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ncis los angeles, Ncis and Eric christian olsen Jan 25, 2020 - Read Chapter 42- Surveillance from the story Accidentally In Love (NCIS: LA Densi Fanfiction) by loveandchocolate (Kate..

Kensi ist seid 2 Jahre in den Wuschelkopf Deeks verknallt,aber hat sich nie getraut die wahrheit zu sagen sie hatte immer mal wieder was mit anderen am laufen aber das sollte sich ab heute ändern sie will nur noch Deeks und niemanden sonst.Guten Morgen Jungsbegrüßte Kensi ihre Kollegen.Morgen Kenskam es von den drein zurück 28 Feb 2020 - Explore andymotab1's board Deeks on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ncis, Ncis los angeles and Eric christian olsen Daniela Ruah Fans. 5,873 likes · 7 talking about this. Daniela Ruah Fans account. Love my idol Instagram: @daniela.ruah.fan Jul 10, 2019 - Bei NCIS: L.A. ist Eric Christian Olsen in der Rolle des Detective Deeks zu sehen, der nicht selten Schlagfertigkeit beweist. Dass der Schauspieler auch privat seiner Rolle ähnelt, bewies Olsen kürzlich in den sozialen Medien, als er auf eine Fan-Kritik reagierte

Fans who spent six years waiting for Deeks and Kensi to get together may go ballistic this week when they see Callen and Kensi get hot and heavy. Callen plays a hardened biker fresh out of prison, and Kensi is his woman. What others are saying 'NCIS: Los Angeles' Sneak Peek: Kensi and Callen Share a Passionate Kiss (! Lindie Coetzee NCIS LA. Ncis Los Angeles Eric Olsen Kensi Blye Eric. Fans who spent six years waiting for Deeks and Kensi to get together may go ballistic this week when they see Callen and Kensi get hot and heavy. Callen plays a hardened biker fresh out of prison. Deeks and Kensi had both been reluctant but in the end decided to go. Deeks just wanted to spend time with Kensi because he knew there was a slight chance of him seeing her for the rest of the year but Kensi wanted to go because she had decided that it would be best for them to have their little chat in public and what better place than an outdoor ice rink

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  2. istrative error! he snarled, You promised me, I'd be safe, they'd be safe...Having IA follow me puts NCIS in danger, it puts Kensi in danger. Deeks snapped. It puts you in danger too, Bates said putting a cal
  3. Jan 3, 2014 - Fan Art of Deeks&Kensi<3 for fans of Deeks and Kensi 3591056
  4. ncis la ncis la fanfiction ejzah fanfiction Densi drabble Kensi and Deeks I went for the beach But forces at play will deter him at every step causing him to make decisions that could hurt all those Callen hoped she would get better soon, so that Nell doesn't have to leave NCIS. He'd hate to see.. Garrison's NCLEX Tutoring - YouTub . Title: A favour between friends Author: morethanacandle.
  5. Either way, what I know for sure is that, so many years after what's in the box, the frozen lake and raccoons, Kensi and Deeks are, probably, the gold standard when it comes to couples on TV. And that's not just because the show pulled the plug, so to speak, in the middle of season 6 and hast yet to break them up in the time that has transpired since them till now
  6. ute before Deeks, spoke up. 'You could handcuff her to you, so she'd have to spend the day with you.' Deeks said and they laughed before.
  7. Jan 17, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Melissa. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest . Saved from Uploaded by user. Discover ideas about Ncis Los Angeles. Kensi and Deeks <3.

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  1. Kensi and Deeks have always been there for each other. Through good times, and really, really bad times. Deeks had his share of those, right after he was tortured (yes, I did say tortured) and suffered from severe PTSD. He confessed later that the place he went to in his head, the thing that allowed him to survive, was thinking about her. And she honored that by being there for him, through.
  2. 9,653 Followers, 1,218 Following, 1,280 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Kensi and Deeks (@ncisla_densi
  3. Sep 30, 2019 - TOMORROW SEASON FINALE #myedit #deeks #detectivedeeks #ericcolsen #kensi #kensiblye #agentkensiblye #danielaruah #sam #samhanna #llcoolj Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times
  4. With a red head you go to Hetty. Sam puts his hand on G's shoulder. It's okay, buddy. Kensi, Deeks and I have another idea. You get your kiss. Don't worry, he tries to cheer his friend up. The agent shrugs his shoulders and goes to his table. We need a good idea!, Kensi whispers to the other agents. I know, but (Y/N) is stubborn. They.
  5. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people
  6. ate the list of most favorited stories on ff.net. The list also reinforces the notion that everyone loves at least a little romance. Of the top 25, all but one involve a romantic pairing. The one that doesn't tells the story of Deeks and Callen discovering they are brothers

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We've gotten better at bonding between the main four characters, and I don't have to complain about Deeks being the odd man out anymore, but I would still like to see Deeks, Kensi, Callen and Sam bonding more, as well as more instance where we add Eric, Nell and Hetty to that dynamic. These are, after all, people who've gone to hell and back for each other. They least they can do is go. Kensi trifft nach langer Zeit des Schmerzes, der Sehnsucht und des Vergessens auf ihren Ex-Verlobten...Ex-Verlobten? Nein sie haben beide niemals in der... Geschichte, Romanze, Schmerz/Trost. Mobile Version Login Registrieren. Neues Forum Hilfe / Support Tutorials Folge uns Fanshop Sponsor werden. Registriere dich kostenlos und erhalte Zugriff auf Favoriten, Mail, Lesezeichen, Farbvorlagen. 18 abr. 2019 - Explora el tablero de ayleeng924 ncis en Pinterest. Ve más ideas sobre Ncis, Ncis los angeles y Serie ncis 12 févr. 2017 - (On a stakeout in Kensi's car) Deeks: Oh this is awesome. (Opening glove box)Kensi: What are you looking for? Deeks: I'm looking for something to eat. Kensi: Well that's a glove compartment, not a refrigerator.Deeks: (laughs) Yeah, like you don't stash your hoho's in here. Alright, come on lady, don't hold out on me 'cause I am starving.Kensi: I don't have anything.Deeks: Yes.

Set after 4x10 Free Ride as an alternative ending to that episode and a What If story about Deeks and Kensi taking off with Julia to Lake Tahoe to spend the christmas holidays together. Enjoy :) Genre: Romance / Humor Author: soulia17. Status: Complete Chapters: 7. Rating: n/a Age Rating: 16+ The way to Reno AN: So, here is my first chapter of my first Fanfic about Kensi and Deeks and I´m. 22 Jan 2014 - Explore kayleighaitchis's board Barrett Foa on Pinterest. See more ideas about Ncis los angeles, Ncis and Ncis los

Sunset Island Gina Mae Callen 86 stories n/a Age Rating: 18+ one shot We're going down! The pilot yelled into the headset. Deeks looked at Eric worried, Callen, Kensi and Sam had left earlier that day, Sam and Callen needing to get back to the Office of Special Projects to file their reports and Kensi had a meeting with Hetty. Eric, still nervous out in the field, had been left behind to. Ncis Los Angeles Kensi Blye An Elf You Look Like Criminal Minds Reindeer Love Story Movie Tv Tv Shows 137 Likes, 0 Comments - Kensi Deeks Ncis LA PT (@kensideeks_pt) on Instagram: D: It's Christmas

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  1. Kategorien zu TV-Serien - Fanfiction. Registriere dich kostenlos und erhalte Zugriff auf Favoriten, Mail, Lesezeichen, Farbvorlagen, Download von Geschichten uvm.! Du benutzt den Internet Explorer, der von dieser Website nicht mehr vollständig unterstützt wird
  2. Eig. war es noch nicht fertig und ich war an den Wattpad Style gewohnt. Ina (anonymer Benutzer) 31.08.2014 | 01:02 Uhr. zu Kapitel 15. Ach wie toll ist das denn? Ich freue mich echt riesig, dass Du weitergeschrieben hast! Das Deeks und Jack nicht immer gleicher Meinung sind, eher gegeneinander arbeiten oder gar Alleingänge Unternehmen um Kensi zu befreien, kann ich gut verstehen-aber.
  3. Kensi still had a few shirts of Deeks' and had a box of stuff from his old apartment which he doggedly held onto for him. The FBI has watched his mothers' house for nearly a year until they were sure he wasn't going to turn up there and Ray, Deeks' childhood friend had been relocated again on the witness protection program and watched for the same length of time
  4. All These Dying Days. Chapter 1. Kensi was sitting at her desk biting her bottom lip and frowning, Deeks looked across at her worriedly it wasn't like her to be so quiet. What's up? he asked twice before her got a reaction. HUH! she jumped about 2 feet when she realized she was being spoken too Are you ok? he got up and walked over to her.
  5. Densi - The full story of the Thing #4 - Best of Deeks and Kensi on NCIS: LA (HD) - Season 3-4 by DensiThing. 8:20. Arrow-Felicity and Oliver Get Back Together by Jamarcus Corks. 2:09. Baby Daddy.
  6. Find and follow posts tagged ncislosangeles on Tumblr. Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen are huddled very close together, and things are starting to get extremely warm.. That's because the NCIS: Los Angeles scene partners have gathered in the tiny non-air-conditioned bathroom of an L.A. apartment building, down the hall from where their next scene from the CBS drama is setting up

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Kensi reflexively drew her gun and Deeks stepped back alarmed. Callen picked up the book and grabbed a bookmark from behind the cushion, Don't wanna lose my place. He said and turned to find Sam smirking and the other two looking at him incredulously. Have you been staying here? Kensi asked. You read? Deeks asked and got a punch from Kensi 9 May 2016 - Explore saskia69larissa's board Daniela Ruah on Pinterest. See more ideas about Daniela ruah, Ncis and Kensi blye

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Decidedly Deeks: Banter Season Two - Harm's Way 2×18<<<<< This is honestly one of my favorite scenes!!! Catie Parker NCIS Los Angeles. Ncis Los Angeles Ford Cosas Que Pasan Temporadas Celebridades. Photos - NCIS - Los Angeles - Season 11 - Promotional Episode Photos - Episode 11.10 - Mother - 1110_ncisla_photo01. 11.10 - Mother - 250th Episode. Laura Johnston NCIS, NCIS LA & NCIS New. Kensi Blye; Sam Hanna; Marty Deeks; Eric Beale; Leon Vance; Arkady Kolcheck; Team OSP; Language: English Stats: Published: 2014-11-12 Updated: 2019-05-20 Words: 23726 Chapters: 17/? Comments: 4 Kudos: 26 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 825. Following Orders slay_gurl. Chapter 16: Chapter 16 Notes: A/N - Sorry that it has taken so long to update. I was struggling with inspiration and I really wanted to. Voilà mon wattpad ou je mes aussi ma fiction :) Deeks et Kensi arrivaient chez Deeks et elle descendait d'accompagner de Deeks et tous les deux montaient à l'étage et elle trouvait que l'appartement de Deeks étaient bien ranger. Ils enlevaient leurs vestes tous les deux et ils allaient sur le canapé, Kensi allait dans les bras de son petit ami et elle dit en sourient : Kensi : Ces. Person: wattpad. Always talking all familiar with someone on multiple occasions before, arizona in mesa, animations dating or experiencing a place to jaiden's channel. James' most famous animators including you tried throwing him, she then decides to discuss jaiden's channel called. Animator whose youtube channel called. Rebecca parham from the voice crept in this kind of jaiden and.

They had a harder time trusting Deeks than they ever did Kensi. Ponder that. Of course, this is not just about Kensi. Nell has been on the field countless times, without anyone ever questioning if she had the ability or the temperament to get it done, and that's without even going into the introduction of Mosley, or the fact that the absolutely most lethal character on this show is Henrietta. The love is honest and realistic - Deeks proposes and is turned down, because Kensi isn't ready. She's not prepared to face the idea that she can't walk down the aisle to him. She's emotional, resigned to her failure, and simply not in the right place to think about marriage. Deeks, for his part, doesn't want her magically healed or pushes her to feel like less because of her being. Characters - Callen x Reader, Tony, Gibbs, Kensi, Deeks and McGee. Word Count - 603. 'Hetty.' Kensi said, as Hetty walked over to them at the table, three men following behind her, taking in the surroundings. 'Agents DiNozzo, McGee and Gibbs are going to be working with us on this case.' Hetty informed you, as you nodded you noticed Agent DiNozzo watching you. 'Great.' You said. So after Kensi had more or less moved in with Deeks she had started to talk about getting another dog as a companion for Monty because she had felt a bit sorry for him lying on his dog bed on his own while she and Deeks were cuddling on the sofa. He had been absolutely surprised by her thoughts but had offered to go to an animal shelter with Monty and her looking for a companion for his.

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Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks (6) Michelle Hanna/Sam Hanna (6) G Callen/Michelle Hanna/Sam Hanna (5) Anthony DiNozzo/Jethro Gibbs (4) G Callen/Original Male Character(s) (4) Rodney McKay/John Sheppard (3) Bruce Banner/Tony Stark (3) G Callen & Sam Hanna (3) Include Additional Tags Episode Related (27) Angst (25) Established Relationship (25) Episode Tag (20) Community: trope_bingo (20) Hurt/Comfort. Aaron Dingle & Robert Sugden (83) Robert Sugden & Victoria Sugden (53) Aaron Dingle & Chas Dingle (52) Exclude Additional Tags Fluff (1377) Angst (812) Established Relationship (369) Alternate Universe (364) Smut (327) Canon Compliant (275) Love (253) Implied/Referenced Self-Harm (245) Hurt/Comfort (194) Family (181) Other tags to exclude More Options Crossovers. Include crossovers; Exclude. Ilaria Baldassini is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Ilaria Baldassini and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and.. Überraschung für Deeks und Kate » by caskettdensifan Kensi kommt aus Afganistan zurück und hat eine überraschung für Deeks. K, Family & Friendship, chapters: 2, words: 360, follows: 1, updated: 1/8/2015 published: 12/12/2014, [Kensi B., M. Deeks] Kate B. 13 Vampir Castle » by Caskett95 Eine Geschichte, in der Rick ein Vampir ist, es aber außer Alexis und seiner Mutter keiner seiner.

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Kensi wird von einem Geheimnis eingeholt, welches sie Jahre lang versucht hatte zu verdrängen. Es stellt ihre Partnerschaft zu Deeks auf die Probe und auch.. Accidentally In Love (NCIS: LA Densi Fanfiction) - Chapter 38- Secrets - Wattpad Voir plus you must really love me. Kensi Blye Eric Christian Olsen Danielle Ruah Surveillance De Voisinage Ll Cool J Monde Actrices Célébrités. This blog is dedicated to the relationship between Kensi Blye & Marty Deeks, played by Daniela Ruah... M Z NCIS LA/NCIS. emiliegracex: Eric and Daniela with Gabriel. Match making activity - Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a man. Rich man looking for older woman & younger man. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a man. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. Register and search over 40 million singles: voice recordings Marty Deeks (760) Kensi Blye (759) Sam Hanna (715) Hetty Lange (517) Nell Jones (354) Eric Beale (324) Jethro Gibbs (145) Anthony DiNozzo (132) Nate Getz (106) Exclude Relationships Kensi Blye/Marty Deeks (418) G Callen/Sam Hanna (271) G Callen/Nell Jones (98) Eric Beale/Nell Jones (63) G Callen/Marty Deeks (38) Steve McGarrett/Danny Danno Williams (36) Kensi Blye/G Callen (28) G Callen.

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La tua Kensi potrebbe essere scambiata per una fatina leggiadra e delicata, il che mi rallegra e mi fa sorridere: tu sei innamorata di lei e si legge in ogni parola che scrivi. Nel tuo fantastico mondo immaginario lei è dolce, attenta, premurosa, generosa e femminile un'iperbole, insomma. Lo sai, come la descrivi, piace anche a me All That Belongs to Us is Time by shadeshifter Fandoms: Timeless (TV 2016), Highlander: The Series Teen And Up Audiences; No Archive Warnings Apply; F/M, M/M; Work in Progress; 04 Jul 2019 . Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Garcia Flynn/Methos; Garcia Flynn; Methos (Highlander) Lucy Preston; Wyatt Logan; Rufus Carlin; Timey-Wimey; Complicated Relationships; Historical Inaccuracy; Summary. Répertoire de Fiction consacré aux séries NCIS Los Angeles, NCIS Nouvel Orléans, NCIS Enquêtes Spéciales et autres séries policières et ou mes préfères. Et une fiction sur le blog secre

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